Of course families expect Stepping Stone to provide excellent care for their children. We do, but we also offer more. We provide a place where learning is fun. In addition, we offer nurturing teachers, an outstanding learning environment and family support. This is referred to by our families as the Stepping Stone Family Caring Service. It is a part of our Family Partners program.


  • At Stepping Stone, you and your child are greeted with a friendly smile anytime you are in the facility.

  • You are always welcome to visit the class or have lunch with your child.

  • We also have a cozy place in the main lobby for you and your child to sit and read a book or work a puzzle together or visit the library.

  • A special daily report with a note from the teacher about your child's achievement and day is in his or her folder.

  • Office staff can watch your infant while you secure your child's car seat and him in the car.

  • Children are given a light snack for the ride home.

  • If you need a bottle heated for the ride home, just let us know.

It is this caring by our staff that sets us apart from other schools.